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5 comments on “WS Racing – 2017 Season’s Awards – 26th October

  • I’m sorry that I couldn’t make the final race but hope that everyone had a good time. And thank you very much to all the volunteers at Wealden Sailability for making this old man extremely happy every Thursday afternoon.

  • Our pleasure Steve. We missed you on-the-water and at the after-race party. I trust Bob has passed to you your well-deserved Certificates for the Spring and Summer Series and they are now proudly on display – wherever! And many thanks to you and Bob for your generous gift of the wine which the volunteers will enjoy at the Laying-up Supper later this week. We look forward to seeing you again and, we hope, some more of the Bromley Stroke crowd next year.

  • It occurred to me that the phantom reporter hadn’t contributed to the web site this year and being temporarily unable to race, due to holes being drilled into my head. I managed to get some time with the guy for an exclusive interview.

    Due to the changes in format this year. races were much more interesting to watch. it defies logic how the 2.4’s are able to sail almost directly into the wind, whilst the hardy souls in the 303’s and Captain Bligh in the bathtub are tacking up and down the lake, going so far wide that some participants were found in Sainsbury’s. This of course excludes, the Great Kim who continued to dominate the 303 field. Now this time last year, Kim upset all and sundry by announcing a great tip. Something about backing into the wind when tacking. this caused huge discontent amongst the regulars as we felt she could have told us this in April?
    So this year we all concentrated in backing into the wind, causing chaos on the lake. Those of us who have known Kim a long time eventually forgave her, but lo and behold she did it again at the Last session. “Did you guys realise you can adjust the sails on a 303 by doing the following” XXXXX Aghhhh she did it again.

    Congratulations to Peter Gregory on setting himself a virtually impossible handicap. Despite setting himself a huge time handicap, he managed to regularly slaughter the field only to come in 8th equal. In fact I once didn’t sail at all and managed to beat Peter by 45 seconds after the handicap.

    Congratulations to David on winning the overall series, with a regular consistent finish. I would however like to get hold of the instructor who having accepted a healthy backhander to scuttle the 2.4 only succeeded in removing the bung from the wrong 2,4 (deepest apologies to Peter Wagner, but he probably deserved it for laughing at me)

    My old buddy Farmer continued to defy logic by producing a great result one week, only to revert to absolute rubbish the week after. I must admit to being very concerned when he told me he had spent the previous evening in public toilets in Tunbridge Wells. Now Steve was always a big fan of George Michael, But his wife and friends although aware of previous strange behaviour admitted to be concerned. Luckily some of the regulars from the area were able to confirm that the location was in fact previously public toilets, but was now a rock venue??? Only in Tunbridge Wells springs to mind.

    Congratulations also to Mike Blatchford on regular podium finishes. we put this down to the fact that his dog has attacked him on fewer occasions this year. however we still have concerns about some of the dodgy devices he takes onboard.

    Whilst it is a little late in the day, the Phantom reporter would like to award the following special awards for going the extra mile.

    1 Salesman of the year. Mike the hardhat salesman. “Can I interest you in the very last hard hat? Only £18”. feeling little sorry for the guy I duly purchased the hat, only to see him the same spin on another sucker….. sorry client. Congratulations Mike and all for a good cause.

    2 Peter Wagner Far fetched story award. There is no doubt that Peter is a great sailor. Every time we race he beats me. Grrrr. Over the years I have developed a great deal of respect for Peter and have often spent time discussing the world and its greater meaning. Some of you will not know that i am a bit of a Genealogist and pride myself on my family history. So Peter and his mum tell me about their Uncle William, who unfortunately died in 1883. Apparently this is no ordinary Wagner, this is THE Wagner (pronounced with a V.. Come on Peter you didn’t expect me to believe that did you?

    Sheila and her cake. Enough said, but how come I always get a little bit?

    Steve Thomas award for sailing into the trees and getting captured by the paparazzi. Sorry Steve I tried to keep it out of the press and despite the huge reward was unable to photograph David in a compromising position. Ps if anyone wants a copy of serves photo my rates are very reasonable.
    My good friend Alan for imparting his knowledge of the Toyota MR2. I almost had another mid life crisis.

    Fay and her Shipmate James, who despite last years betting scandal still managed to produce podium finishes.

    Peter and Fleur for all the background work on race days. the reporter helped out on a couple of occasions and did his very best to completely muck things up. its not as easy as it looks guys.

    Lastly (and I have to be very careful here) The Diabolical Skipper of the year award. It is understood that a video of a race in October has become available at great costs via Mafia sources. It is understood that the video shows the racing fleet setting off on a Port tack in very windy conditions. Simultaneously a Lugger set out from the port jetty Sailing directly into the fleet. If this really did happen I can only imagine the look of horror on the racing skippers as the lugger cut through them. you could almost hear the shouts of Water!!!! Starboard!!!! and several other inappropriate words. Somehow the fleet managed to survive, but if that video ever surfaces, the skipper of the Lugger may be forced to walk the plank.

    Finally my last award is a team award for all the fantastic team at Chipstead who spend so much time ensuring that everyone has a great time. Hope you have a fantastic time tonight and you do not feel to rough in the morning. See you net year

    The Phantom reporter

  • Ahh well Bob… have I got some news to share with you in April… one is which that someone actually allowed me to fly a plane back in November! The other news will have to wait until April, the only people who know are Peter G, David McKee and Steve Thomas.

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