Firstly, apologies for the delay and short report. I went camping over the weekend with mixed results. Sadly the wind that greeted us for the race on Thursday didn’t remain and at 4am our tent tried to blow away with us in it, leading us to de-camp and head home! I think I’ll just stick… Read More

Altogther, it was a great day to be on the water. A lot less wind than in recent weeks but nevertheless enough and very challenging. Here is a short video clip of the start of the race – watch in amazement at the advantage David Mason gets starting from the top of the Start Line.… Read More

Here is a short video clip of the start of the race – please note how carefully the 303 nearest the Start Line is careful to avoid going over the line until the START GONG sounds. And – for something completely different – what do you think is happening aboard two of the 303s –… Read More

Those Racers who decided to come to Chipstead were – according to most weather forecasters – taking a risk of getting very wet and being blown around the lake by a quite strong and gusty wind. The early volunteers found themselves launching and rigging the fleet in light drizzle but fortunately that eased off and… Read More

The first race of the new season saw an intrepid baker’s dozen out on the water in good time to be ready and close to the Start Line before the 3 minute gong sounded at 11.27 (Do you think every Helm and Crew were ready? Check the photos of the start below 🙂 Ed) With… Read More

It was great to see so many of you down at the lake yesterday (11 April) for your first outing on the water this year. The weather – although chilly to begin with – was pretty much as one would expect for an early Spring Day. The NE breeze was a brisk 10 to 12… Read More