With the 2023 season now over, 3 winter talks have been organised to help pass the winter months. Each talk will be held in the Clubhouse 11.00 – 12.00 on a Thursday. Come at 10.30 for a chat beforehand. Date Speaker Topic 25th January Mick Janes Being a Tug Boat Captain – Some of you… Read More

The last sailing date is Thursday, October 26th. There will be no official race but I’m sure we can conjuncture up a fun one. The boats will need to be prepared for winter storage.… Read More

Our fantastic team managed to come 12th out of 15 teams. A brilliant result as our aim was not to come last. We knew that it would be impossible to come first against a rugby team or the builders. It was a great day at a great venue. It showed CSC at its best. There… Read More

At the Trustees’ meeting on 10th November, David McKee tendered his resignation both as Chair and Trustee of Wealden Sailability. His dedicated service in both roles has been hugely valuable to the Charity over more than 12 years. His charm, good humour and inexhaustible supply of funny stories may have been the most visible part… Read More

Chairman David reports… With high winds and rain forecast all the “normal” racers found pressing engagements elsewhere. Even the greats like Martin and Peter W went missing…but not the Foxy Farmer. Imitating a Clint Eastwood character he strode in the clubhouse and declared he was ready to take on anyone. Well, the truth was that… Read More