Today was the day chosen for the inaugral WS Racers vs WOW Regatta at Chipstead. Recently we have had some good sailing days where wind and sun arrived in sufficient quantities to make us all think “It is great to be alive and sailing!!” But today was wet and overcast. The boats were launched and… Read More

With the season ending on Thursday 28th October, the Trustees arranged an event on Tuesday 2nd November to thank the Volunteers for their contribution to the 2021 season and to present the WS Racing Awards. Peter Ashwell said that 2021 had been a very successful season for WS Racing despite the continuing restrictions on mixing… Read More

At 0830 there was hardly sufficient wind to disturb the surface of the lake. And the previous evening the forecast for 1100 was 14 knots and gusts to 30 knots which was why the Trustees withheld a decision on whether to sail until the morning. They said YES and the final race of the 2021… Read More

BRAVO to the WS Trustees who decided that the weather forecast: “Wind gusts of 35 knots at 0800 and 14 knots at 1100” would be accurate. The result was the fastest race of the season with the first two boats completing 6 laps in less than 6 minutes per lap. The early wind was strong… Read More

Autumn is well advanced but today was a fabulous day for our race day. It started with hardly a ripple on the surface of the lake at 0830 and gradually built up to a steady 10 knots with erractic – in direction and strength – gusts up to 20 knots. The scene at 0930 from… Read More

It was a dreich day, as they say in the Highlands of Scotland, when the first flurry of volunteers arrived to get everything ready for the day. Mist covered the north Downs and mizzle threatened. The session manager made his decisions on how many of each class of dinghy should be rigged and launched and… Read More