Today was a quintessential British Summer’s day. Perfect weather for being near or on water. Either by the sea shore or by or in a lake (or even, as I found my granddaughter when I got home, in a paddling pool! Ed) But sailors are demanding folk and need wind as well as warmth and… Read More

Thursday 3rd June was an absolutely perfect day for sailing….if there had only been one group of sailors on the same part of the lake (Which apparently was not the case this week. Ed). Nevertheless David Mckee in the Race Hut, ably assited by Maria Lamb, arranged a course for the 13 entrants to sail… Read More

What a day – horizon to horizon blue sky with bright sunshine amid fluffy clouds and at last some warmth to enable everybody at the lake to shed a few layers of clothing and long trews. As a sailor said to me “Sunshine makes everyone happier!” This was especially welcome after the cancellation of Race… Read More

Everyone associated with Wealden Sailaibility has looked forward to this day for nearly eighteen months (Yes, really. Since October 31st 2019). Of course the first five months was the expected Winter break when the fleet, the pontoons and the foreshore is checked over carefully and repaired or upgraded as required. Then just as you and… Read More

After the entire 2020 season being lost, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we are delighted that the Trustees have been able to organise matters at Chipstead to enable a few sailors to start sailing again. It has been a tough time for everyone involved, not least you sailors and racers who get so much… Read More

What a joyous occasion took place as over 50 WS Racers and their support crews and volunteers were welcomed by the Trustees to celebrate their achievements during the year. Special guests were Gina Marsh and Eileen McCormick who had kindly agreed to present the new trophies which the Trustees had decided to create in memory… Read More