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Races are split into four Periods (May-June; June-Aug; Aug-Sept; Sept- Oct) and each one has its own spreadsheet. Use the Scroll Bar on the far right hand side of your screen to move through the Periods. From #1 at the top to #4 at the bottom.

Within each spreadsheet, there are separate columns for the different Dinghy Classes, namely:-

  • Hansa Liberty
  • Hansa 303 (Single Handed)
  • Hansa 303 (Double Handed)
  • Hansa 2.3

Each participant has a row and for each race in which they participate, their finishing place in the appropriate class will be recorded. Use the Scroll Bar on the bottom of the spreadsheet to move across the Period – from earliest on the Left to latest on the Right. If the number of Racers listed on the left hand side of the spreadsheet results in some names not appearing on the screen of your computer, use the Scroll Bar on the right hand side of the spreadsheet to move the sheet downwards.

Races and Regattas 12th May – 23rd June 2022

Races and Regattas 30th June – 4th August 2022

Races and Regattas 11th August – 15th September 2022

Races and Regattas 22nd September – 27th October 2022