These were the results of the Wealden Sailability 2023 Spring, Summer & Overall Racing series.

The classes participating in 2023, were

  • Hansa Liberty
  • Hansa 303 (Single Handed)
  • Hansa 303 (Double Handed)
  • Hansa 2.3

Racing results are calculated using Portsmouth Yardstick, with times pro-rated where different numbers of laps are sailed.

The low point scoring system was used, where sailors receive the number of points equal to their finishing position. Sailors who set out to race but do not finish, whether they retire or are disqualified, score one more point than the total entrants of the race.

Each series was based on the best 5 results with the best 10 determining the result over the season.  Where sailors have identical points, discarded results determine results.  When a series is complete, the greyed out results are those which contribute to the result.

At the bottom left of the spreadsheet there are Tabs to access Spring Results, Summer Results and Overall Results.
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Race Results 2023