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  • Dear kind people of the sailability club. I am one of the carers of a child that came along for the cherished memories day last week.I wanted to say that I was so moved and uplifted by the kindness and joy everyone of the volunteers showed to us on that day.you are all such wonderful people ,I and the other carer of the child we cared for had a wonderful day.And that day was made wonderful by your volunteers.Everybody was so attentive to our children’s needs and worries.And nothing was a problem any fears of putting a child into a boat was quickly put to rest by the skill and knowledge of the sailors our child was assigned to.wonderful wonderful day made that way by you as lovely men and women of the chipstead sailability club. Thankyou so so much.

  • So nice to get this sort of feed back.
    Seeing the broadest of smiles on the face of a 10 year old girl with very limited vision, after landing her boat precisely on the dock completely singlehandedly for the very first time to the applause of all who were watching brought a tear to my eye. This was a massive achievement for this young girl and she has learned that she can be fulfilled as much as a fully sighted person despite her disability. It goes to show that, in fact, this was a girl with real ABILITY and we should look upon such people with pride and satisfaction at what w can offer them.
    Please help us raise the much needed finds in order that we can help even more people.
    Finally, if you haven’t been already, come and see us at work (and play!) It could change your life like it has mine!
    Mike Mackenzie

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