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4 comments on “WS RACING – SPRING SERIES 9 – JUNE 28TH

  • That was quite a good duel between me and David Mason! I felt much cooler on Thursday than I did yesterday, when I was in a hot cockpit of a Piper. We even held the door open when we were taxiing to the runway and doing pre-flight checks!

  • Apologies if my course was more erratic than usual on Thursday and the near collision with Louise but I had a slight mechanical issue in that the tiller arm parted company with the pin, on which it should be mounted, consequently I found myself holding a tiller that was doing nothing until I managed to relocate it on the pivot. This happened on several occasions throughout the race and I had to resort to reaching under the seat and grabbing the rudder line to get any response to steering the boat. Next week I will carry out a full pre flight check of all moving parts. Sorry Louise.

      • Hi Peter, generally the lines on the Martins are OK, though they often suffer from being slack, which doesn’t allow the boat to steer as well as it should. The big problem on Thursday last was the tiller arm actually coming off the spigot. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it !!!!!!

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