It was with great reluctance that the Trustees took the decision to cancel the final day of this year’s Racing calendar. As I write this report, rain is falling outside (And the central heating is on! Ed) and there is hardly a breath of wind, so it looks like the forecasters were spot on.

As in previous year’s, the result of the last race of the Summer Series could have changed the result of who was going to be on the top step of the podium! That is now academic and our congratulations go to Martin Norman who has a final low-score of 13 points from his best 5 finishes. (I do hope that his sister in Australia will be delighted with Martin’s success! Ed)

Martin has been sailing a Martin 16 dinghy for most of the Summer Series, often accompanied by his trusty crew Sebastian, but more recently he has been seen out on the water in a Liberty and a 303 (What versatility! Ed).

The Podium for the Summer Series

  • 1st Martin Norman with 13 points
  • 2nd Mike Blatchford – 15 points
  • 3rd Peter Gregory – 17 points.

Plus there were 10 more Qualifiers for the competition:

  • Mark Cayzer  *By a gnat’s wisker. Having 1 x 1st place vs PG’s 2 x 1st
  • David Mason
  • Peter Wagner
  • Fay Watson
  • Keith Eeles
  • Imogen Fletcher 
  • Benn Gubb  
  • Malcolm Hill
  • Ann Frewer
  • Geoff Taylor

In addition to congratulations for the 13 Qualifiers, a HUGE well done to each of the other 10 sailors who entered at least one Race during the Summer Series (from 8 August until last week). In total there were 110 entrants in 10 races – having had to cancel 3 due to poor/dangerous sailing conditions.

Here is a link to the Spring Series Result

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