The Series was completed on 25 July 2019 and here is a summary of what happened and how many took part:

  • 12 races held (only 1 cancellation on 30 May!)
  • 26 competitors have raced making 139 entries
  • 14 Qualifiers (= at least 5 races each)

The Podium

1st – Mike Blatchford

2nd – David Mason

3rd – Peter Wagner

And the rest of the field…..

  • 4th Equal – Malcolm Hill and Martin Newman
  • 6th – Peter Gregory
  • 7th – Mark Cayzer
  • 8th – Fay Watson
  • 9th – Keith Eeles
  • 10th Equal – Steve Farmer, Imogen Fletcher and Ann Frewer
  • 13th – Trevor Monk
  • 14th – Tom Phillips

Click here to see the Summary Sheet with details of every race in the Series and how the results are calculated.

Well done to everyone who participated and many thanks to all the volunteers who crewed during the Series.

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