As low, dark clouds scudded above their heads, threatening to drop their load at any moment but bringing stronger winds, WS Racers had another great day on the water, racing around the course which they know quite well now since we have raced with westerly winds over the last few weeks . Fortunately after last week’s light breeze, the prevailing wind blew at a steady 12 knots which enable the helms to work out how to get round the course – even if quite a few of them were often tricked by the wind direction as it veered WNW and backed WSW at times.  This was especially notable for many, as we watched their efforts to sail through the Start/Finish Gate. By not achieving a lay line to get them trhough the Gate and then realising it, but not wanting to put in another Tack, they ended up head to wind as they tried to sneak inside either Mark K (on starboard Tack) or the distance Mark (on Port Tack).  It was great to see Kim in the Race and to welcome Louise and Anne to WS Racing for their first time! Hope you both enjoyed yourselves. More to follow…

The Final Result:

  1. David Mason in a 2.4
  2. Mark Cayzer (and John Douglas) – 303
  3. Martin Norman – Liberty
  4. Fay Watson (and James Thomas) – 303
  5. Peter Gregory – 2.4
  6. Rachel Ibbott (and Jane) – 303
  7. Anne Chester (and Helen Fairfax) – 303
  8. Kim Sparkes (and Louise) – 303
  9. Malcolm Hill (and Mark Coleman) – Martin
  10. Steve Farmer – 303
  11. Paul Hagan (with Bruce Hebbert) – Venture
  12. Mike Blatchford – Liberty
  13. Peter Wagner – Liberty

One comment on “WS Racing – Summer Series 6 – 7th September

  • David… next time can you let someone else use the servo boat, as I’m still not convinced by it. In all seriousness, I think I found another major flaw with the design of the boat, which may cause damage to the mast in the long run. I will e-mail over a debrief later today, but I think that we need to think about how to displace the stress on the mast caused by pulling in the main sail.

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