I’d love to be able to be writing a report about the action filled race that we had but unfortunately the conditions we had meant that this was far from the case. At times, it was like we had put the race into slow motion! So well done to everyone for persevering, it was impressive. It was lovely to also see some new faces on the race course – welcome to all of you. I promise you not all races are like this!

The wind during the starting sequence, whilst light, was keeping everyone moving and jostling for position. Everyone kept their excitement in check at the enthralling race to come leading to a clear start ready to hit the first beat. Mentionable starts came from Mike Blatchford who crossed with speed ahead of Peter G and from Fay Watson who headed up the access pack not far behind the big boats. Unfortunately after this, the wind died making the rest of the beat extremely difficult. The main pack ended up creating a raft leading up to the windward mark. From what we could see from the race box, you sorted it out well going around the mark. Hopefully this was the case on the water too.

Peter G led the fleet down the downwind leg with David and Mike following closely behind tussling for position. Ann Frewer sailed a stormer in her 2.3 to be not far behind the big boats after the windward section of the course. Well done Ann.

Fortunately the wind picked up at the end of the first lap giving us a false sense of security that this is what we were to enjoy for the rest of the race, but sadly, this was not to be. Just as we made the decision not to go for an early finish so that you could enjoy the wind that had materialised, it disappeared again and this time for good. The boats seem to just stop making progress extremely slow.

Fortunately, for us in the race box, a few racers decided to take one for the team and entertain us on the shore. Most notably was Steve’s impressive buoy hugging example. Maybe he felt the line wasn’t quite in the right position so he would move it a little bit for you such is the dedication to his fellow racer! Thanks Steve!

The last lap dragged on for everyone. It is the first time I have had to do lap times over the hour mark so well done to you all for sticking with it and getting the finish. We look forward to seeing you all next week for the next exciting instalment. As a side note, please bring some wind with you!

Here’s a few pictures to show how the action unfolded…..the end results are below..

The results are:-

  1. David Mason
  2. Mike Blatchford
  3. Ann Frewer
  4. Malcolm Hill
  5. Peter Gregory
  6. Louise McSweeney
  7. Steve Farmer
  8. Kim Sparkes
  9. Fay Watson
  10. Keith Eeles
  11. Imogen Fletcher
  12. Martin Newman


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