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2 comments on “WS RACING – SPRING SERIES 8 – JUNE 21ST

  • Dear Ed, Regarding your e-mail item about afternoon racing… While you have been away enjoying yourself, a few hardy enthusiasts have organically evolved a procedure for the Thursday afternoon sailing. We go out whether there is a volunteer-starter boat or not, and give ourselves a roughly organised start. There are usually about half a dozen of us. The scheme of things generally consists of Martin issuing a stentorian shout of ‘Three minutes’ then ‘Two minutes’ (when the slower boats, mainly Louise, take off) then ‘Start’ (which seems to happen once Martin’s boat is going at top speed in the right direction). We usually sail the same course as the morning, assuming that the wind has not backed or veered appreciably, and we sail one lap per race. That way we get some useful starting practice, and can experiment, and it is a good learning experience. It matters not one jot who wins, though sometimes pride enters the picture, and it is most enjoyable. A volunteer starter would still be useful, as would, if it were possible, a modicum of coaching fairly distributed round the fleet. And if any other sailors would like to participate, client or volunteer, we would all appreciate their presence.

  • This sounds great and was similar to what happened last Thursday afternoon. Only difference being that the START was when Fay and I crossed the START line in Fay’s 303D!! Since then I have seen a suggestion from another that perhaps a longer pursuit race might suit. …let’s discuss at lunch next Thursday.

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