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3 comments on “WS RACING – SPRING SERIES 13 – JULY 26TH

  • Water, Water.
    I think I’m learning the rules, probably not as quickly as some of you would wish. If I got too close to you on Thursday, I do apologise. Unbeknown to me, my rudder, which had been fine during the warm up, decided to ship it’s pin and was in the position normally associated with the boat in park mode. I can hear all the groans and the “Oh yeah’s” from the doubting Thomas’s. After probably my best start this year, “going flat out in the right direction” to quote a certain young shaver, I managed an excellent run down the North side tried to tack across to J, found the tiller unresponsive and almost ended in the trees. I managed to drag the boat back on my intended course by which time Mike and others were rapidly catching me. After rounding D a voice behind me said ” did you know your rudder is up”. I managed to finish the race with it in the raised position, and to quote a much overused word in modern parlance, I’m such a “Hero”, no not at all. At least I didn’t score any more points on the ‘vandals’ chart this week and managed to return the Martin (boat) unscathed.
    Many thanks to Pete and the race control crew, I just don’t know how they keep tabs on all of us. I found the lunch time chat about race rules very helpful, thanks for that. In rooting around on the World Wide Wait, I discovered this item, which I found useful, though I guess many of you gnarled old Tars will know what it all means, but to a mere novice, likes ones self !!!!!
    I’m sure you will all have had enuf’ of my ramblings by now, so TTFN and see you all on Thursday.
    P.S. If anyone in close proximity, on Thursday, shouts “water, water,” I’ll have my baler handy.

  • Thanks Martin for this explanation of what many were thinking was an erratic (or – in other words – unpredictable, inconsistent, changeable, variable, inconstant, uncertain, irregular, unstable, turbulent, unsteady, unsettled, unreliable, undependable, changing, ever-changing, volatile, varying, shifting, fluctuating, fluid, mutable, protean, fitful, wavering, full of ups and downs.) performance. But now all is understood! Well done in finishing. And in future don’t be shy of asking the volunteer who “launches you” to check EVERYTHING again before they push you off the pontoon 🙂 !

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