It was a dismal, windless and rainy start to the day at Chipstead Lake when volunteers arrived at 8.30 to get the fleet ready but after an early cuppa we were able to get the work done and had a briefing by 10am. Some sailors were already at the club by 10am and literally as they arrived the sun appeared and a ruffle of wind swept across the lake.

Weather conditions developed as forecast and with sunshine and a pleasant 9 knot wind from the West. Everyone who wanted to race was on the water by 10.40 and the one-lap Practice Race started with the 3 minute gong at 10.55. This warmed everyone up and the first one-lap Challenge Race started at 11.15. Here is a video of the Start on Race 1. What a lovely sight! Ed…

Having watched that, it is no surprise that Derek Preston (Liberty #23 White) was the winner having negotiated Marks A, C and D before beating back up to cross the Finish Line. Peter Wagner (Liberty #25 Blue) was second and Kelly Trip and her crew James Thomas (303D #11 Blue) was third and Imogen Fletcher and her crew Viv (303D #10 Red) was fourth. Martin Norman (Liberty #22 Yellow) was fifth followed by the two 303 single-handed entreis – Steve Farmer and Bob Fisher.

After a brief period to regroup, the fleet was put under starter’s orders at 11.30 and here is a video of the Start of Race 2. This was a two-lap race. What another lovely sight! Ed

On this occasion, Peter Wagner created a small lead at the start of lap 1 but was strongly challenged by Derek Preston who was leading at the windward Mark A on the second lap. But Peter fought back and managed to get his bow in front as the two boats rounded Mark C before the downward leg to Mark D. Peter and Derek were transom to bow for the whole leg but Peter managed to stay ahead and round the leeward Mark D in first place with 100 metres to beat up to the finish line. Which he accomplished. Well done. Honours shared! Ed

The full results are shown on the website. Many thanks to all the volunteers for assisting in lots of way to enable the races to go ahead.

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