The result was: Keith Eeles in Liberty Sail # 24 Mike Blatchford in Liberty Sail # 21 Martin Norman and his crew Sebastian in Martin Sail # 126 Kelly Tripp and Kim Sparkes in a 303 Sail # 1 Lisa and crew James Thomas in 303 Sail # 9 Malcolm Hill and crew Douglas Haig… Read More

The Series was completed on 25 July 2019 and here is a summary of what happened and how many took part: 12 races held (only 1 cancellation on 30 May!) 26 competitors have raced making 139 entries 14 Qualifiers (= at least 5 races each) The Podium 1st – Mike Blatchford 2nd – David Mason… Read More

The hottest day of the year! That is how July 25 was being advertised and the WS Trustees heeded the warning and decided to curtail the day’s sailing to just the morning session. Nevertheless, a dozen WS Racers came down to the lake in the expectation that they might be able to improve their final… Read More

It was great to see so many of you keen WS Racers arrive at the lake this week. And it was a special pleasure to welcome into the race for the first time, Nicola Buss who has previously sailed in a catamaran on Bewl Water as a member of Mariners of Bewl (AKA One of… Read More

What a day for English Cricket fans! We are in the final of the Cricket World Cup at Lord’s on Sunday….wow. Fantastic…..and so was the sailing even though the wind could have been fresher. The sun shone and there was sufficient wind for the leading boats to complete 3 laps around a long course of… Read More