27th July, 2023

After the completion of the Sailability Spring Series, the planned race for combined race Sailability & Women on Water (WoW) took place.

The outlook had not been good with a forecast of strong winds and heavy rain, but the morning was much better than anticipated, though still somewhat damp. But we are sailors after all. The wind was good with a steady breeze from the South West, though there were moments when it was moving around by nearly 90 degrees. The course was set as a start to A, then C, K to port and then to SAS, an area outside Sailability’s normal boundary.

To keep the fleets apart, WoW started at 11.17, 3 minutes ahead of Sailability with their regular start time of 11.20. Starts went well with no recalls. By the end of the race at lap 3 for WoW, they had just started to lap Sailability, so there was a straightforward finishing process, with Sailability’s race shortened to 2 laps.

There was a lot of positive response to the event and enthusiasm for more this year, and we’ll be looking at what can be arranged. The results were out by 12.20 and are attached below.

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