A forecast of a fresh 14 knot, gusting 20 knot, W / SW wind had drawn an eager throng to the lakeside on Thursday. The earlier light sprinkling of rain, which had threatened when the volunteers were rigging and launching the fleet, had passed and by 10 AM the sun was trying, sometimes successfully, to find… Read More

Last Thursday was forecast to be near perfect conditions for Race #2 of the Summer Series. And that expectation was probably why there were 16 boats on the water at 1125, ready to race.  But the forecast was not quite borne out by the conditions that greeted us when we all assembled at the Lake at… Read More

After 15 weeks of racing, which started on 20th April and during which period only one race was cancelled, on 1st June, the race last Thursday on 27th of July completed the Spring Series. The Series engaged 26 WS Racers some of whom had raced in previous years but many were first timers – both… Read More

The final race of the WS Spring Series was very well attended with 13 racers across the Access 303, Liberty, Martin and Venture classes plus 2 of the Stratos fleet, helmed by volunteers, crossing the start line. By 10.30am when many of the racers were either on the water or getting ready to go on… Read More

I am sorry that I missed this Race but it appears you had an exciting and possibly exhausting day on the water. Many thanks to Fleur Bryant who acted as Race Officer and wrote this report: Wow! What a race! Firstly, well done to everybody for getting out there and giving it a go. You did brilliantly!… Read More

As was stated by the Trustees on the website confirming that sailing would be on today, “Wind was going to be hard to find”. Nevertheless we had nine Racers eager to enjoy a beautiful, sunny morning on the water and ready to find whatever wind might appear. Certainly at 10:30 AM the expected 4 knots… Read More