What an incredible day – I hope that you all enjoyed what may well turn out to be the last warm race day of the season! (Hope not! Ed) The wind was slightly less than perfect, being very up and down, but you all made the most of it when and wherever it blew harder.… Read More

Oh how we are being spoiled by the weather Gods…another race day with near perfect conditions. Horizon to horizon sunshine and 7 to 10 knots of cool wind veering and backing between WNW and WSW. The Session manager, Steve, was delighted to welcome a large turnout of volunteers to his briefing at 0930 outside the… Read More

What a day was had by all who ventured down to join the 25 or so volunteers of Wealden Sailability at Chipstead. A nearly completely blue sky and 10 to 14 knots of westerly wind – veering and backing between SW and NW. Most of the WS Racers arrived early and had plenty of time… Read More

Results Ben Gubb and his crew Helen Fairfax in a 303 Sail # 9 Peter Gregory – Liberty Sail# 22 Mark Cayzer and Anne – 303 Sail# 7 Mike Blatchford – Liberty Sail#21 David Mason – Liberty Sail# 23 Imogen Fletcher and crew Bruce Hebbert – 303 Sail # 1 Peter Wagner – Liberty Sail#… Read More

The result was: Keith Eeles in Liberty Sail # 24 Mike Blatchford in Liberty Sail # 21 Martin Norman and his crew Sebastian in Martin Sail # 126 Kelly Tripp and Kim Sparkes in a 303 Sail # 1 Lisa and crew James Thomas in 303 Sail # 9 Malcolm Hill and crew Douglas Haig… Read More

The Series was completed on 25 July 2019 and here is a summary of what happened and how many took part: 12 races held (only 1 cancellation on 30 May!) 26 competitors have raced making 139 entries 14 Qualifiers (= at least 5 races each) The Podium 1st – Mike Blatchford 2nd – David Mason… Read More