Thursday 3rd June was an absolutely perfect day for sailing….if there had only been one group of sailors on the same part of the lake (Which apparently was not the case this week. Ed). Nevertheless David Mckee in the Race Hut, ably assited by Maria Lamb, arranged a course for the 13 entrants to sail around and that is exactly what the WS Racers did, with great skill and determination – avoiding all the obstacles they found in their way. There were two guest visitors amongst the entrants, a young man, Oliver, sailing his Topper dinghy Sail #62 and a volunteer, Ralph, sailing an Access 303 Sail #8. There was also a first time attendee, sailor Noah who came along with his parents to see how Wealden Sailability operated. Noah went out helming an Access 303 Sail #9 with his crew, Peter Moore, and finished a very creditable 9th. (Welcome and well sailed Noah and thank you Peter! Ed)

More details of the course and how the race unfolded may appear but the Race Result is known and the details below have been added to the Summary Scoresheet.

  1. Kim Sparkes 303 Sail #6
  2. Peter Wagner Liberty #22
  3. Martin Norman Liberty #25
  4. Derek Preston Liberty #24
  5. Imogen Fletcher and her crew Meg Warren 303D #3
  6. Mark Cayzer and his crew Alan Cayzer 303D #2
  7. Geoff Taylor 303S #5
  8. Steve Farmer 303S #4
  9. Noah and his crew Peter Moore 303D #9
  10. Trevor Monk 303S #10
  11. Tom Phillips 303S #7

Well done to all these WS Racers and the volunteers who enable the Race to be run.

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