Another day made for Dinghy Racers – a stiff breeze from NNE under a rather dull day – welcomed the volunteers as they got everything ready for the day. The forecast expected the wind to fill in to 14 knots with 20 knot gusts and some sunshine to appear – “When?” was the question we asked at the volunteers’ briefing by Steve at 0945.

By 1030 there was a good sized fleet on the water sailing around enjoying the wind. (It is so much easier to do when you can point your dinghy in the direction needed just to maximise its speed, irrespective of having to get to a specified Mark – which of course is the main difference between leisure sailing and racing! Ed)

Milling around before the Start

By 1100 there were a dozen Racers entered for the 5th Race of the Summer Series and the 3 minute gong sounded. The Start line had been set at a right angle to the windward mark – Buoy D – and was between the Race Hut and a Distance Marker Flag out in the lake. (The Start Line was from where the photo was taken at the Race Hut to the Flag which can be seen in the photo above beside 303 Sail Yellow #4. Ed) The video starts some 2 or 3 seconds after the Start Gong had sounded and as you can see the fleet could have been positioned better in the last 20 to 15 secs of the count down period. The aim is to make a final approach so you can cross the Start Line (at speed!! Ed) just as the Start Gong sounds. The video shows a sluggish getaway by the leaders of the fleet into the first phase of the Race and then they pick up the wind and gradually separate. Do look at the different routes helms took – some stayed in the middle of the lake and some came across closer to the shore. Which route do you think was the better? The video follows the fleet on the Beat up to and around the windward Mark and then on a broad Reach to Buoy C and after gybing around C on the Run to Buoy A. Mike Blatchford (Liberty Sail Blue #25) started where he finished the last Race – at the front of the fleet – but despite the significant lead he created during this early phase of the race there was competition for Mike’s lead from Kelly Tripp (303 Sail Blue #11) and Martin Norman (Liberty Sail White #24) and Peter Wagner (Liberty Sail Yellow #22) which developed in intensity throughout the race right until the final legs of the Race.

And here are some photos of individual racers and a few groups:

The leaders showing a pair of clean transoms to the chasing Liberty 22 (Peter Wagner) during Lap 2…

Result for Race 5 of Summer Series is:

  1. Kelly Tripp and her crew Anne – 303 Sail Blue #11
  2. Peter Wagner – Liberty Sail Yellow #22
  3. Mike Blatchford – Liberty Sail Blue #25
  4. Steve Farmer – 303 Sail Red #5
  5. Martin Norman – Liberty Sail White #24
  6. Imogen Fletcher and her crew Helen Fairfax – 303 Sail Blue #9
  7. Bob Fisher – Liberty Sail White #23
  8. Mark Cayzer and his crew Nigel Raynes – 303 Sail Red #10
  9. Geoff Taylor – 303 Sail Yellow #3
  10. Trevor Monk – 303 Sail White #7
  11. Tom Phillips – 303 Sail Blue #2
  12. Stephen Connell and his crew Alec Ross – 303 Sail Yellow #4Retired

Congratulations to all the Racers and many thanks to the volunteers who crewed for some helms and to Angela who helped me in the Race Hut to keep track of the dinghies’ places and times and to the volunteers who get ready all the kit that we need to have safe fun on the water and then pack it all away at the end of the day and those helping to water us in the galley!!

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  • For some reason your photographs show me going bald, I think there is something wrong with your camera. Thanks to all the volunteers for enabling us to have fun and competition. Especially Helen who showed me a novel way of steering my boat when the stick doesn’t work.

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