Here is Fleur Bryant’s Race Controller’s Report :

Clearly you had all looked at the weather forecast to see how nice this week’s weather was going to be, as we had a record number of entrants into the race with only the Lugger not involved! A brilliant show! This did however make for a very busy start line! Remember your rules in these situations – from the race box, it was hard to see individual incidents although we did hear a few shouts!

manic pre-start

manic pre-start!

The race got underway only a few minutes late this week. Mike Blatchford, in a Martin, got off to a brilliant start, followed closely by David Mason in a 2.4. This was the start of an exciting dual between Mike and David throughout the race (And in the summer series!! Ed.). Sam, sailing a 303 with sail #1 and expertly crewed by – new to the series – Meg Warren, led the 303s up the beat followed by Kim in 303 sail#9. The final great start to note was Ann Frewer in her diminutive 2.3. She found a great blast of wind and sailed her way up the through the fleet making a great few overtakes which was particularly impressive given she was sailing the slowest boat (on handicap) in the fleet. (You show ‘em Ann! Ed.)

The close racing between the 2.4s and Martins continued through the first lap. It was fantastic again to see a line of 7 boats in such close quarters rounding the 2nd mark. Through the gate at the end of the first lap, Peter Gregory led the way in his own 2.4, aka The Red Torpedo, followed by David Mason in his 2.4, Mike B in the Martin, Peter Wagner in the other WS 2.4, Malcolm in the Martin and the Venture. This week both Liberties were out on the water expertly sailed by Kevin Eels and Martin Norman. Kim led the 303s into the second lap, extending her lead after Sam and Meg Warren missed the gate and had to sail back to cross through the line. (Always happens with excitable new comers. Best to check the course before the start! Ed.)

close racing

close racing

The wind maintained a similar strength during the second lap, unlike last week, which led to consistent lap times. Peter Gregory sailed another great lap, extending his lead, on the water, over the rest of the fleet. Mike Blatchford made a move on David Mason moving up to 2nd place (on the water). Further back, Martin Norman in his Liberty overtook 2 boats, Ann Frewer did similarly in her 2.3; impressive sailing by both WS Racers.

At the end of the 30 minute duration of the Race, competitors were “finished” by the Race Controller. Although half the fleet had completed Lap 2 before this point so went on to sail a 3rd lap. With the wind strength holding up, Lap 3 showed similar times to Laps 1 and 2, so it was uneventful as far as place changing was concerned.

So, another great race! Well done to you all. It is just fantastic to see from the Race Box such close racing. I hope that you enjoyed it too. We are now moving into the final few races of the Summer Series (and the 2017 Season. Boo hoo! Ed.) and so we hope to see as many of you as possible in the final few races. But with so many of you on the water at the same time, the risk of a collision increases. (So please try to remember the basic sailing rules of who gives way to whom! Do ask Fleur or Mike, if you need advice. Ed.). However, the overriding rule is to ‘Avoid a collision, so even if you are in the right YOU MUST avoid any contact. Have a great week and we look forward to seeing you nest week.

  1. Kim Sparkes – 303S
  2. Sam and crew Meg Warren – 303D
  3. Keith Reilly – Liberty
  4. David Mason – 2.4m
  5. Mike Blatchford – Martin
  6. Ann Frewer – 2.3
  7. Peter Wagner – 2.4m
  8. Fay Watson and crew James Thomas – 303D
  9. Peter Gregory – 2.4m
  10. Martin Norman – Liberty
  11. Mark Cayzer and crew John Douglas – 303D
  12. Malcolm Hill and crew Mike Mackenzie – Martin
  13. Kelly Tripp and crew Claire Pearson – 303D
  14. Rachel Ibbottson and crew Maria Lambert – 303D
  15. Bill Garry – 303S
  16. Unknown and crew Pole Voisie – Venture
  17. Brian Mac – 303S

3 comments on “WS Racing – Summer Series 9 – 28th September

  • It was a good race, and I was one of the few who managed to avoid the big collision on the start line! Did the Venture do a 720 as per race rules? Remind me to check the jib pole on 108 next week, as the tape keeps on sticking it to the inside of the collar.

  • The start, on Thursday, had shades of the Calgary Stampede. As I approached the line, thinking that I had positioned myself for a reasonable start, another 303 charged right to left along the line necessitating me to 360 to avoid a collision, after that I was playing “catch up” Still a very enjoyable race none the less. Thank you Fleur for your organizing, I don’t know how you keep tabs on everyone. Can’t wait for Thursday.
    As Fleur suggested, some of us might benefit from a study of the rules, especially me, as that was only about my fifth race ever, I found this online, it is a printable PDF.

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