The weather on the day of these two scheduled races has been so bad that on 26 September the Trustees felt the strength of the forecast winds would endanger WS sailors and racers. So the whole day’s activity was Cancelled. On 3rd October the wind at the start of the day up until just before the Race start time was totally absent and although there were 14 Racers on the Start Line, all ready to race, the Race Organisers felt that the absence of wind was such that the leading boat would be unlikely to reach Mark 1 within 10 minutes or complete the course within 30 minutes, even if a new consistently better wind were to arrive soon, which was possible but unlikely. So a decision was made to abandon the race.

Instead of the planned race, there was an offer to the fleet to participate in a paddle-assisted race. The 3-2-1 and Start Gongs sounded and Mark Cayzer could be seen encouraging more and more effort from his crew Paul Phillips such that they gradually built up a solid lead over the trailing fleet. Mark maintained his lead and – surprise, surprise – the faintest of breezes could be seen helping him increase his lead but it failed as quickly as it had arisen and Mark was seen paddling right up until he crossed the finish line. Well done to Mark and all the other WS Racers below who turned up to race today:

  • Ben Gubb
  • David Mason
  • Fay Watson
  • Geoff Taylor
  • Imogen Fletcher
  • Keith Eeles
  • Lewis Atkins
  • Malcolm Hill
  • Mark Cayzer
  • Martin Norman
  • Mike Blatchford
  • Peter Wagner
  • Tom Phillips

I am sure that we all hope for better weather next week. See you then.

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