What an incredible day – I hope that you all enjoyed what may well turn out to be the last warm race day of the season! (Hope not! Ed) The wind was slightly less than perfect, being very up and down, but you all made the most of it when and wherever it blew harder. Thank you all though for your perseverance for what was another one lap race. We seem to have had quite a number of those in the Summer Series so far. It’s a tricky one to talk about the contents of the race in one lap so I’ll push onto the bit you all care about, the ……..RACE RESULT

  1. Mike Blatchford (Martin)
  2. Fay Watson (303D)
  3. Mark Cayzer (303D)
  4. Malcolm Hill (Martin)
  5. Ann Frewer (2.3)
  6. Peter Wagner (Liberty)
  7. Geoff Taylor (303S)
  8. Keith Eeles (Liberty)
  9. Ben Gubb (303D)

 Whilst we are, and hope to continue to remain, a very friendly and approachable group, it is important to stick to the rules when racing. (Me thinks that this is not for the first time of asking? Ed.) In this race, the Race Controller decoded it was necessary to make an on-the-water disqualification for failure to stick to the sailing rules.

All racers make mistakes, if you did, please do a 360 degree turn (1x tack, 1x gybe). If you are not sure, it is better to do a turn than risk a penalty later. (The great Sir Ben Ainslie ensured he could still win an amazing 5th Gold Medal at the 2012 Olympics at Weymouth by doing a 360 turn when his Danish and French opponents protested against him on-the-water – even though he knew, and TV evidence later showed, that he had not touched the Mark!! Ed)

If anybody feels they would like a reminder of the rules, we have some documents floating around that you can be given. See you next week.

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