I think I have to take full responsibility for the weather conditions today. Every time I run the race there is no wind so I reached the conclusion that it is me! I’m afraid it is me again next week so please all say your prayers to the wind gods so we can reverse this trend!

Thank you for your commitment in getting to the start line, it was great to see so many boats in what looked like was going to be a challenging race. Thank you also to, the master that is Mr Peter Gregory, who ably assisted me in the race box and entertained me with his commentary. Peter – you are welcome back any time.

Back to the race! From a pretty bad start with a lake that resembled a mirror, the wind began to build to a level which meant we could set a course and get everyone onto the water for a delayed start. From there, the wind continued to build into the lead up to the start allowing for plenty of jostling for position. Another clear start led by David and Mike who crossed each other, Mike trying to take advantage of a Port hand flyer. Great to see you trying something different Mike even if it didn’t quite pay off. Following the start, the wind was very up and down on the first beat with some real dead patches which stopped a number of boats completely. Mike, Martin and David swapped places on their way up to B as they fought the wind, trying to miss the dead patches. Peter was not far behind. Leading the access’ was Jake making the most of a good start and first beat, great to have you racing with us Jake.

As the lap progressed, Mike rounded mark D well ahead followed by David and Peter who very expertly navigated round some swans. I am sure they were very grateful. On the second lap, Mike rounded first but Martin and David had significantly closed the gap. Jake pulled clear after passing through the gate at the end of lap 1 but half way up the wind died. Mike too stopped allowing David to creep in front. The wind improved again as the lap progressed which Jake took full advantage of. With the wind having died again on the second lap, it allowed the 2.4s and Martins to catch up the 303s and make it more fun for us in the race box noting all your times. Jake having finished the 2nd lap at 22.31 also got to sail a 3rd lap but even better for him, the wind filled in so he was able to do it with some speed.

Thank you all for persevering, particularly on such a special day with the official launch and naming of our new boat. I know that all the trustees were thrilled that the race provided such an impressive backdrop as the guests arrived today. Look forward to seeing you all next week and please, please, please, bring some wind with you!

Overall Race Results:-

  1. Jake Jones  (303S)
  2. Martin Newman  (Martin16)
  3. Mike Blatchford (Martin16)
  4. David Mason  (2.4m)
  5. Peter Wagner  (2.4m)
  6. Mark Cayzer (303D) – crew Nigel Lamb
  7. Fay Watson  (303D) – crew James Thomas
  8. Ann Frewer  (303D) – crew Helen Fairfax
  9. Louise McSweeney  (Liberty)
  10. Keith Eeles  (Liberty)
  11. Steve Farmer (303S)
  12. Sophie Absolom  (303D) – crew Graham

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