(Sorry for the shorter than average race report this week, but we have a new race officer, who was concentrating more on getting the results down correctly than writing a short story..!!! Ed)

The race was already in the starting sequence, when it was decided by the powers that be (who was that, as I wasn’t there..!! Ed), because of the poor weather, to postpone, which encouraged more entrants. The first lap was slow with a small group of the faster boats, 2.4m & Stratos getting away. The wind filled in after about 20 minutes with boats generally completing 2 or 3 laps.

Here’s a photo to show how close the finish was….

Summer 4 Finish

Results of Summer Series Race #4

  1. David Mason (2.4m)
  2. Peter Wagner (2.4m)
  3. Simon Philips (Stratos)
  4. Louise McSweeney (303D)
  5. Keith Eeles (Liberty)
  6. Mark Cayzer (303D)
  7. Mike Blatchford (303S)
  8. Fay Watson (303D)
  9. Martin Newman (Martin 16)
  10. Jake ?? (303S)

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