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7 comments on “WS RACING – SUMMER SERIES 3 – AUGUST 16TH

  • A good day racing! However… a note to the Ed. that wasn’t me crashing into the trees or breaking the foot peddle this time, I was waiting on the pontoon to slide into a boat.

    • Hi Peter, I think that it was John Masters who was sailing #108 at the time. I think what had happened (after talking to Mike) is that John possibly pressed on the left peddle without releasing the right one, thus snapping it in half.

  • Having been pleasantly surprised to see that the racing was scheduled for Thursday, given the forecast, my pacemaker skipped a beat upon arrival at the lake,”Oh no” not a sail in sight. Little did I realise that our wonderful band of volunteers were playing, at the far end of the lake. After the initial shock, I was then told by he who shall be nameless, “Come on, you don’t have time for coffee” I actually managed to sneak one in before descending the ramp and headed for the PFD rack. Helen was there and asked if I had any waterproof trousers, which I don’t possess. “I think you should put some on” said Helen “It’s going to get quite wet” Fortunately I heeded Helen’s advice and wrestled myself into a pair of trousers, with Helen’s help. I looked really ‘Dapper’, I thought. OK, you can all stop laughing now. An excellent mornings sailing, a big thank you to all the volunteers who, I’m sure, would rather have been at home, in the warm, with their slippers and cocoa. See y’all Tuesday.

    Do any of the volunteers know how deep the water is, off the end of the main pontoon?

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