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7 comments on “WS Racing – Summer Series 3 – 18th August

  • An outstanding report from Captain Bob…if the rest of us volunteers knew about the goings on surrounding the racers we would have called in Alexander Zhukov(Head Of the Russian Olympic Committee) to give a fair and impartial assessment of the competitors. Certianly some people seemed very jolly and high, not that it would be right to fish for names!!Clearly next week everyone going out on the water will be sniffed by daisy and Gip to see if they are “carrying” ,especially those with history. Good racing.

  • Lisa and her crew Nick deserve an honourable mention for being first across the line and stretching their lead in Kermit (always the fastest of the 303 fleet – why?) before returning to the pit lane, thinking it was a one-lap race.

    Further mixing sporting metaphors… I am convinced the umpire allowed the race to extend into what football fans know as ‘Fergie Time’ – the extra thirty seconds it needed for Mike’s Martin to pip us at the post as John held on to both the tiller and his bladder, with me refusing him a much-needed ‘comfort break’ until we had beaten Bruce.

  • Look on the bright side Fish, somehow we avoided the wooden spoon or in Mike’s case the wooden paddle! But how you can talk about Mike’s loss of reputation now that everyone knows that you regularly wet yourself! And Brian I emphasise as I have to try and keep awake, fortunately being splashed by Bob helps.
    Congratulations to all contestants for managing to start in that wind and best wishes in the next few weeks as I intend to keelover,…a lot.

  • Of course Bob should know that, due to an early typo some time ago, the boat he thought was “Lover” should actually have been “McKee Lover”, which of course sums up Steve completely!
    Mike M

  • Peter

    Great report and photography. I am sure I speak for all of us racers in thanking you and all the crew in making it such an enjoysble day for everyone. Great picture of Bligh, if you look closely she is hurling abuse ar some poor skipper, sadly out of picture. I can confirm the Kalashnikov story I am fairly sure David was getting ambushed as we were leaving

  • Bob,

    You’ll never get me with your wet sponge so long as I have my secret weapon! However as usual great commentary from Peter and I always enjoy reading Bob Fisher’s version of events. .. highly amusing as usual!

  • Peter W
    A sporting yachtsman would only mount an attack during a race. But who said anything about being sporting. Next time you are enjoying your post match sandwich, beware of low flying sponges of the wet variety. Now if you would consider letting me win for once……..
    I could of course argue that you have a better boat, but you normally destroy me when you take the Liberty out as well. I think I have to admit that the best man usually wins. Fancy a Mars bar or three?

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