Clouds covered the sky from horizon to horizon when I arrived at the lake just before 9am but they gradually started to break up and eventually the sun appeared – just in time for the last Race of the 2016 Wealden Sailability racing season.  We welcomed nine WS Racers to Chipstead to participate in the final Race together with others who had come along to enjoy the day but were not able to sail. What a fantastic end to a wonderful season that saw the front of the fleet still up for grabs.

Final result: 1. Kim; 2. Peter G; 3. Mike B; 4. David M; 5. Mark; 6. Steve; 7. Fay / James; 8. Mick / Helen 


2 comments on “WS Racing – Summer Series 13 – 27th October

  • Well done to everybody that took part during the year and particularly for organising the race sessions – a great success all round. It’s been a great season with lots of laughter and happiness for us all
    It’s been a privilege to work with you and for your all
    Mike M

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