Another brilliant day for sailing greeted the volunteers who arrived as early as 8am to start launching and rigging the fleet of Access 303s, 2.3 and Liberty’s and the Martin 16s for the WS Racers as well as the rest of the WS fleet including the Stratoses, the Venture, the Lugger, the Longboat and the Pioneer that takes clients and their wheelchairs for trips on the water.

It was particularly pleasing to see Bob Fisher and Keith Eeles at the session after not seeing them for too long whilst they have not been able to attend. (Welcome back! Ed.)

The wind from the NW was a brisk 15 knots with occasional gusts of 20 knots. The wind was surprisingly (for Chipstead Lake) consistent in power and direction which made the challenge for the WS Racers more enjoyable than when they are constantly having to cope with the wind’s constant changes of direction and power. It was a very demanding race which everybody handled extremely well, especially Kelly Tripp in her 303 with her hand-picked crew Helen Fairfax (Well chosen Kelly! Ed.) who came first!!

Here is a video of the Start and a few photos below from a variety of moments in the race….


  1. Kelly Tripp and her crew, Helen Fairfax – 303 Sail # 3
  2. Peter Wagner – Liberty # 21
  3. Keith Eeles – Liberty # 23
  4. Steve Farmer – 303 # 8
  5. David Mason – Liberty # 22
  6. Peter Gregory – 2.4m #102
  7. John Beck and Paul Thatcher – 303 # 10
  8. Trevor Monk and James Thomas – 303 # 7
  9. Malcolm Hill and Mike Mackenzie – Martin # 125
  10. Jake Jones – 2.3 # 745
  11. Mike Blatchford – Martin # 126

Retired and did not finish – Martin Norman (303 #4), Imogen Fletcher and her crew Peter (303 # 9) and Tom Phillips and Jim McEwen (303 # 2).

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