Firstly, apologies for the delay and short report. I went camping over the weekend with mixed results. Sadly the wind that greeted us for the race on Thursday didn’t remain and at 4am our tent tried to blow away with us in it, leading us to de-camp and head home! I think I’ll just stick to sailing.

Near perfect conditions on Thursday led to a really great race. Another clear start which is always good to see. However, it would be good to see you all pushing to be on the line as the gun goes to gain valuable extra ground. Just remember your rules if you do it to avoid collisions! The most notable start of the day went to David Mason followed by Mike Blatchford and Peter Wagner. Fay Watson and David also started well up the first windward leg.

David Mason amassed a good lead round the 1st mark. However, Martin found some speed and overtake him. Peter also made a move to catch up and was just 7 seconds behind David at the first mark. The 303s were all fighting it out with Fay Watson leading the charge at the end of the first lap.

On the second lap, Peter made a move and overtook David leading him by 5 seconds at the gate. Mike and Malcolm were also battling it out, just 8 seconds apart at the gate. The 303s were even tighter with 2 seconds between David and Fay and Mark only a further 30 seconds further back.

On the third lap. Martin stayed well ahead of the pack with Peter and David chasing him. David, having relinquished 2nd place to Peter in the second lap, regained control leading him by 6 seconds at the gate. Malcolm made a move and overtook Mike in the Liberty. Further back, the 303s powered to the finish. David gained time on the final lap, finishing 34 seconds ahead of Fay. Mark Cayzer had a difficult final lap but kept going getting to the line.

On the final lap for the final 3, on the water positions remained constant with Martin crossing the line first ahead of David and Peter.

Another great race is really near perfect conditions. You’ve got me solo in the race box again next week so keep doing your wind prayers and we will hopefully be in for another good instalment.

The race results were:

  1. Martin Norman
  2. Mike Blatchford
  3. David (303D) – David or your crew, if you read this, would let me know your surnames. Peter Ashwell
  4. David Mason
  5. Gay Watson
  6. Peter Wagner
  7. Malcolm Hill
  8. Mark Cayzer

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