Sorry to be sending out this report so late, and I’m also sorry to say that there isn’t even much of a report to give for last weeks race.
This is mainly because although the person running the race did a fantastic job of organising the race and taking times, etc, they forgot to supply any details for the report…!!

What this reporter can remember though, is that the supposedly Westerly winds were, as per usual at Chipstead, very changeable and very light…to non-existent some times…!!

Anyway, to the actual results, which were:

  • 1st Peter Gregory
  • 2nd David Mason
  • 3rd Peter Wagner
  • 4th Mike Blatchford
  • 5th Malcolm Hill
  • 6th Fay Watson
  • 7th Mark Cayzer
  • 8th Brian Mc
  • 9th Paul Hagan

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