Welcome to Race 4 of the season.
I wish I could say that it was an exciting instalment but the wind conditions really weren’t very helpful. Initially the wind looked perfect for the race, maybe a little chilly but a consistent light to medium wind, ideal for the race. Apologies for the postponement of 10 minutes but thank you, it allowed us to get everyone on the water that wanted to be involved. The start was the best we’ve seen yet, clear and a definite move to hitting the line with speed and as close as possible to it. Both David Mason, in the 2.4, and Mike Blatchford, in the Liberty, had flyers of starts and began a dual up the first leg with David first to round. The 303s were much more condensed up the first beat but great to see you all fighting it out.

The wind then began to cause us all some trouble slowing everyone down on the first downwind leg and whilst it did seem to pick up again as you approached the Leeward Mark, the 303s just about to round the windward mark really struggled. Well done to all that persevered, it is a testament to your determination. The wind did improve up the second beat for the Martin, Liberty and 2.4 allowing for some close racing, particularly between Martin and David. Martin ultimately picking a great line closer to the shore, finding valuable wind and allowing him to push on to the front of the race.

As the 1st lap came to an end for the 303s, Steve Farmer was leading the pack, really picking up speed in the light winds and leading the 303s by over a minute at the gate. David and Martin continued their dual down the second leeward leg. Martin was able to hold off David on the final beat to the finish, taking 1st place on the water.

This unfortunately was when the wind decided to completely give up on us and the lake resembled a mirror. I really admire all of you that stuck it out and made it to the finish, it was not easy. I’m sure a paddle would have been a welcome addition to your boats at that point!

Here are some pictures of the action…!!

Overall, not a great race but you all did it and got a finish. Please can you all send a memo to the wind gods that next week we need normal service to be resumed. On a positive note though, lovely to see some new faces on the start line. Welcome to the racing and we hope to see you again in future races and we promise, it does get more exciting.
For those not racing, please can you stay clear of the start / finish line. At one point a Stratos sailed through the finish line going the wrong way forcing a competitor to tack losing them valuable time.

See you all next week.

(Note from Ed:)
Sorry everyone, but the overall results are not available yet. It seems that the total lack of wind later in the race meant that some racers, who had been doing very well until that point, were not able to finish the race unassisted. So the decision might be to give some sailors the time from their 1st completed lap as their overall finish time. But as I wasn’t at the lake that day, I’m still in discussions with people who were there, in order to make the right decision……..
(Another note from Ed:)
A decision has been made. So that the total lack of wind later in the race doesn’t have an effect on only some of the racers, but not others, everyone’s finish time will be the time it took for their 1st lap.

So the overall positions for this race are:-

  1. Mike Blatchford
  2. David Mason
  3. Martin Newman
  4. Steve Farmer
  5. Tom Phillips
  6. Kim Sparkes
  7. Bob Fisher
  8. Fay Watson

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