Altogther, it was a great day to be on the water. A lot less wind than in recent weeks but nevertheless enough and very challenging. Here is a short video clip of the start of the race – watch in amazement at the advantage David Mason gets starting from the top of the Start Line. He literally looks as if he has an outboard assist. Well done….and this was a lead which he never looked like losing over the next 3 laps. And, for the mere mortals amongst the rest of you, pick out your own boat and see if you could have chosen a better place to start or a better route to the first mark.

Here are a few photos of the race’s slow moving action. Patience was the order of the day and, in some of the photos, you can see how important it is to know the sailing rules. Who is the stand on boat and who must bear away? And at the end….we all had our lunch al fresco in beautiful sunshine.

The Race result is:

  1. David Mason – 2.4m – #108
  2. Mike Blatchford – Liberty #23
  3. Martin Norman – Martin – Sail #126
  4. Peter Wagner – 2.4m – #109
  5. Malcolm Hill and his crew Nigel Lamb – Martin #125
  6. Mark Cayzer and his crew Alan Cayzer – 303D – #4
  7. Fay Watson and her crew James Thomas – 303D – #1
  8. John Beck and his crew Danyel – 303D – #745
  9. Tom Phillips – 303S – #7

One comment on “WS RACING – SPRING SERIES 4 – MAY 23rd

  • Peter,
    Thanks for the reports and the videos, these are very informative, though I do think that David’s boat should be scrutinised to discovered where he has hidden his ‘start assist’

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