Well what can we say, except that although conditions didn’t look that good to begin with, by the time today’s race was due to start, the Sun had come out and there was a lovely F3 breeze from the NE.

Not too much of note during the main part of the race, except to remind racers that they are meant to go through the START/FINISH line at the end of each lap…and there are a couple of you out there who are getting away with not actually doing this!

The main story of this report, is about the rules of racing.
Rather than try to explain them again here, if anyone would like to learn more, please feel free to come and have a chat with me. Suffice it to say that getting to the line early and killing time by sailing down the line cutting up everyone else, especially when you are on port and they are all on starboard, is NOT allowed! To finish this fiasco off by pushing a starboard tack boat around the outside of the line, then hitting the startline buoy….
I’ve lost count of how many penalty turns that boat should do…and it had a Wealden volunteer helping to sail it….!!!!

So, to the actual results, which were:

  • 1st Kim Sparkes
  • 2nd Mike Blatchford
  • 3rd Brian Mc
  • 4th Pete Lawrence (new racer)
  • 5th Malcolm Hill
  • 6th Fay Watson
  • 7th John
  • 8th Steve Farmer
  • 9th Bill Garry
  • 10th Mark Cayzer
  • 11th Paul Hagan (new racer)
  • 12th Andy Wallace

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