Here is a short video clip of the start of the race – please note how carefully the 303 nearest the Start Line is careful to avoid going over the line until the START GONG sounds. And – for something completely different – what do you think is happening aboard two of the 303s – one with yellow and the other with blue sails?

And here are some photos of boat-on-boat action taken throughout the race. It is clear that there is some very good sail trimming going on and tactical thinking. Well done and keep it up.

The Race result is:

  1. Mike Blatchford – Martin – #125
  2. Malcolm Hill and his crew Matt Bryant – Martin – Sail #126
  3. David Mason – 2.4m – #108
  4. Fay Watson and her crew James Thomas – 303D – #1
  5. Mark Cayzer and his crew Mark Skipper – 303D – #4
  6. Peter Wagner – 2.4m – #109
  7. Martin Norman – Liberty – #22
  8. Peter Gregory – 2.4m -#148
  9. Rowan Nicholls and his crew Allan Griffiths – 303D – #2
  10. Ann Frewer and her crew Bruce – 303D – #5
  11. Bill Garry – 303S – #7

Tom Phillips and Louise McSweeney were also out on the water during the race. Well done to all the racers. The results have been added to the summary sheet on the website.

9 comments on “WS RACING – SPRING SERIES 3 – MAY 16th

  • Don’t want to rain on anybody’s parade, but if the starting gate is between Buoy K and the flag, Martin 126 seems to have missed it. Or is the start line between the flag and the race officer’s hut? I need enlightenment, as usual.
    Apart from that, the video clip is fascinating to watch, and very instructive. Thank you Fleur and Peter.

  • You may have noticed that I wanted to make sure that I didn’t start too soon. 😉
    I also understood that we were supposed to go through the ‘gate’, up and down, which some boats appeared not to do, but then it’s not the National Championships, is it?

  • Martin, it wasn’t you. You were in a Liberty. It was a “Martin”-styled boat that I had noticed. I blame your parents for naming you after a boat design.

  • David, as you say, not guilty, I know who it was though and I trust they will be dealt with in the appropriate manner. ;- )
    If only I had been named after the Martin’s were built, I could turn the clock back sooooooooo many years.

  • I am very pleased that the videos are of interest – even if it’s mainly to protest! I apologise for putting erroneous instructions on the Race Board (re the need to sail through the Start/Finish gate on the downwind leg). I did manage to spread the word to many entrants that was not required but not all and hence we did not penalise those boats that missed the Gate when sailing from Mark J to Mark C. I am consulting the Race Committee regarding an appropriate ruling re Martin Sail #126.

  • After due consideration of all the facts, the Race Committee has decided to add 1 minute to the overall time of Malcolm Hill / Matt Bryant sailing in Martin Sail# 126. This has resulted in Malcolm/Matt being placed 2nd. Mike Blatchford has been placed 1st. All other results remain as published.

  • Regarding my error I just wanted to say if I’d of realised it initially I would have turned around and gone through the start gate correctly. I honestly hadn’t realised I hadn’t gone through until I saw the video. and I’m very sorry if anybody is offended but that would be the last thing I would want to do. I am happy to be among a great selection of people who enjoy as I do a friendly but competitive activity and would very much like it to continue as it is

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