A short report for the 2nd week….we really need our old “Roving Reporter” back onboard…please..?!?!

Considering that this is only the 2nd week of running the new format races, we are very pleased to say that the expected “crash bang wallop” on the start line has not happened…YET!!
Hopefully everyone out there on the water is getting to grips with the new setup. But if you’re not then please ask the next time you are at the lake…

We had a reasonable day for racing again, with a decent Westerly breeze (approx 10 knots), so the course started from a line between the ‘K buoy’ and a small flag mark, then heading up to the ‘B buoy’, left to the ‘A buoy’, then down to the narrows to go around the ‘D buoy’ before heading back through the line between the ‘K buoy’ and flag mark.
As is usual at Chipstead, the wind came and went during the race, giving our racers quite a challenge, which some dealt with better than others…with the final result being:-

  • 1st Peter Gregory
  • 2nd Mike Blatchford
  • 3rd Ann Frewer
  • 4th Peter Wagner
  • 5th David Mason
  • 6th Fay Watson
  • 7th Kim Sparkes
  • 8th Andy Wallace
  • 9th Brian Mc

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