It was great to see so many of you keen WS Racers arrive at the lake this week. And it was a special pleasure to welcome into the race for the first time, Nicola Buss who has previously sailed in a catamaran on Bewl Water as a member of Mariners of Bewl (AKA One of the MOB! Ed.). To her credit Nicola agreed to take the helm of our newest Liberty despite being heard to say that she had always disliked the idea of sailing anything that heeled quite as much as a Liberty does. (This is of course a problem created when there are so many photos on the WS website of Peter Wagner sailing with his mainsail nearly touching the water! But look where she finished! Bravissima. Ed)

Here is a short video of the Start and first few minutes of the race – as everybody watched as Peter Gregory sailed off serenely into the distance (How does he do that? Ed)

And here is another video as a few of the second phase in the fleet approached and rounded Mark J on their first lap. Please note what a sport Nicola (Sail #24) is – leaving so much water between her boat and the Mark and thereby letting other helms sail past or get away. (Sharper elbows required – methinks! Ed)

Result of Race 12

  1. Peter Gregory in a 2.4m – Sail #102
  2. Peter Wagner in a Liberty – Sail #21
  3. Martin Norman in a Martin – Sail #125
  4. Nicola Buss in a Liberty – Sail #24
  5. Mike Blatchford in a Liberty – Sail #23
  6. Fay Watson and James Thomas in 303 – Sail #2
  7. Mark Cayzer and Don in 303 – Sail #1
  8. David Mason in a Liberty – Sail #1882
  9. Malcolm Hill and his crew Mike Cartwright in a Martin – Sail #126
  10. Trevor Monk in a 303 – Sail #9
  11. Keith Eeles in a Liberty -Sail #22
  12. Tom Phillips in 303 – Sail #4

2 comments on “WS Racing – Spring Series 12 – July 18th

  • Thank you for all making me feel so welcome AND for entrusting me with the newest addition to your fleet! I look forward to hopefully many more sails with you, although am really feeling it today in my arns??and getting to know you all more.

    • Nicola.. a pleasure having you and look forward to seeing you on a regular basis as you take on the top of the fleet!!David

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