What a day for English Cricket fans! We are in the final of the Cricket World Cup at Lord’s on Sunday….wow. Fantastic…..and so was the sailing even though the wind could have been fresher. The sun shone and there was sufficient wind for the leading boats to complete 3 laps around a long course of marks A, B, J and D. There were 12 entrants in the race including Stratos 1 helmed by Peter Coulcher with Rowan and Brigette on board.

Here is a short video of the Start of the race.

Result of Race 11

  1. Peter Wagner in a Liberty – Sail #21
  2. Malcolm Hill and his crew Jim McEwen in a Martin – #126
  3. Mike Blatchford in a Martin – #125
  4. Keith Eeles in a Liberty – #22
  5. Ann Frewer in a 2.3 – #279
  6. Martin Norman and Sebastian in 303 – Sail #1
  7. Fay Watson and James Thomas in 303 – Sail #3
  8. Imogen Fletcher and Andrew in 303 – Sail #10
  9. Mark Cayzer and Mike Cartwright in 303 – Sail #2
  10. Trevor Monk and Nigel in 303 – Sail #8
  11. Tom Phillips in 303 – Sail #4

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