We cannot win them all. The wind deserted us this Thursday and the WS Racers did very well to complete a single and shortened lap. The results are on the Race Summary and here are some photos to remind those of you who raced what a windless race it was! A fuller report  was planned but never published – since there was very little action either on or off the water. Ed.


1. Rowan Nicholls (303D)
2. Keith Eeles (Liberty)
3. Fay Watson/James Thomas (303D)
4. Steve Farmer (303S)
5. Louise McSweeney(Liberty)
6. David Mason (2.4m)
7. Peter Wagner (2.4m)
8. Martin Newman/Sebastian (Martin)
9. Imogen Fletcher (303D)
10. Tom Phillips (303S)

Rache Ibbots in her 303D retired.

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