Today was a lovely day for going to the beach – or even a lake – but there wasn’t really sufficient wind for serious sailors, let alone the Baker’s dozen of WS Racers who pitched up at Chipstead Sailing Club to do battle in Race 10 of the Spring Series.

The start of the race was held up for 10 minutes to allow the volunteers to get a Martin for Malcolm Hill and then help him into it along with his carefully selected crew Helen Fairfax (Good choice! And I have heard a rumour that the Racers are organising a Just Giving Page to raise funds for a new Alarm Clock to help Malcolm to get to Chipstead 15 minutes earlier in future. Oh dear! Ed.)

Anyway, as soon as Malcolm and Helen were away from the pontoon, the 3 minute Gong sounded and the count down to the Start was on. And here is a video of the excitement that followed the Start gong – all the way to the windward Marks D and J.

Below is a slide show of photos taken as the first, second and third waves of boats in the fleet headed up to the windward Marks D and J and another action-packed video as a bunch of boats caught one of the few, sporadic gusts that swept them downwind to and around Mark A.


  1. Ann Frewer – 2.3 Sail #279
  2. Malcolm Hill and his crew, Helen Fairfax – Martin #125
  3. Peter Wagner – Liberty # 21
  4. Imogen Fletcher and her crew – 303D #4
  5. Mike Blatchford and Louise McSweeney – 303D #9
  6. Rowan Nicholls and his crew – 303D #6
  7. Mark Cayzer and his crew Andrew – 303D #1
  8. Fay Watson and her crew Bruce – 303D #8
  9. Steve Farmer – 303S #7
  10. David Mason – Liberty #22
  11. Keith Eeles – Liberty #23
  12. Martin Norman – Martin #126
  13. Tom Phillips – 303S #2

Well done to everyone who raced and a special thanks to our brilliant volunteers who crewed for some of the racers. Only 3 more races to go in the Spring Series so there is still time for a few more of you to join the 9 Racers who have already qualified for the Series. See you next Thursday!

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