So another race is done, and what a good race it turned out to be! Considering that during the morning whilst we were trying to plan the course, there was virtually no wind and it looked as though it would stay that way…
But some wind did eventually fill-in from the South West, and a course was set of; the start line between the committee boat and Mark-C, heading up to Mark-A (taken to starboard), over to Mark-B (again taken to starboard), then back around Mark-C (you’ve guessed it, on starboard again).

When the race was eventually started at 11:30, Steve Farmer made a cracking start, flying into a good lead over the other 303’s, with Ann heading the chasing pack of Mark, Bob, Brian & Fay. Three minutes later Andy Wallace in the lone Liberty joined the chase.
Then 10 minutes after the first start, and just as the first of the 303’s finished their first lap, the pack of much faster boats of three 2.4mR’s and two Martin’s, lead by Peter Gregory, also joined the race and slowly began the task of unwinding the lead the 303’s had gained. Steve kept the lead for the first 2 laps, eventually being overtaken by Ann on the 3rd lap. But behind them, Peter G was gradually pulling back the leaders and eventually he gained the lead on the 4th lap.

Results: 1.Peter G, 2.Ann, 3.Steve, 4.David, 5.Peter W, 6.Bob, 7.Mark, 8.Malcolm, 9.Brian, 10.Fay, 11.Mike, 12.Andy.WS Racing Spring 2016 Race 10 chart


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