The first race of the new season saw an intrepid baker’s dozen out on the water in good time to be ready and close to the Start Line before the 3 minute gong sounded at 11.27 (Do you think every Helm and Crew were ready? Check the photos of the start below 🙂 Ed)

With a keen 10 to 12 knot wind blowing in from the NNW, a course was set from the Start line (between Mark K and a flag in the midst of the lake), beating up to and leaving Mark C to port and this leg was followed by a lovely broad reach across the lake to Mark A. After rounding Mark A to port, the fleet faced a long downwind leg eastward whilst getting back to the north shore of the lake so as to be able to gybe round Mark D to starboard before a shorter downwind leg to Mark J, placed close to the south bank, and the start of the long beat back through the Start/Finish gate (to complete the lap) and head from Mark C.

As can be seen from the photos below, the fleet was quickly across the Start Line but different Helms had different strategies. So, look at some of the sail numbers in these photos and see where they finished, four laps and 30 minutes later. Of course each class has a distinct handicap (which we call a Portsmouth Yardstick) and they are taken into consideration when working out the Race Result.

As many of the helms have got used to, a certain red torpedo seems to fly away from them in the early legs of the race. This race was no exception as can be seen above and in these two photos (How does he do that? Ed)

The Race Result was..

  1. Mike Blatchford – Martin – Sail #125
  2. David Mason – 2.4m – #108
  3. Peter Wagner – 2.4m – #109
  4. Peter Gregory – 2.4m -#148
  5. Mark Cayzer and his crew John Masters – 303D – #6
  6. Martin Norman – Liberty – #22
  7. Fay Watson and her crew James Thomas – 303D – #3
  8. Imogen Fletcher and her crew Maria – 303D – #1
  9. Malcolm Hill and his crew Helen Fairfax – Martin – #126
  10. Lydia – 2.3S – #279

Tom Phillips in a 303 # 4 and Rachel Ibbotts in a 303 # 8 retired. Jen, a new volunteer, helmed a Liberty # 21 for fun!!

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