Race 1 – August 6

Fleur reported that four WS Racers had a good race to kick off the Summer Series. And even with an equipment failure, Steve managed a fourth place!
Result: 1 Peter W; 2 Mike B; 3 Fay W; 4 Steve F.

Race 2 – August 13

Unfortunately rain and thunder forced a cancellation of sailing.

Race 3 – August 20

It was a variable day weather wise, cloudy but with the sun trying to break through, but it provided reasonable conditions for Race 3 of the Summer Series and we had 4 entrants in 303W Access and 1 entrant in a Liberty in the line up! With the wind varying in direction from SSE to WSW it was difficult to set a course that would consistently give a beat on the first leg followed by a reach across the wind and then a run downwind. So the course initially set at 10am was changed at 11.45 just before the start at 12.00 (LESSON: Always check the Race Board just before the race starts).

With the wind blowing SSW, the Start Line was in a tricky position, nevertheless all 303 entrants got to the line soon after the Starting Whistle blew. Unfortunately for Brian Mac he was a boat length early across the line and had to restart and this let Kim get a flyer with clear air in front and a steady wind to the first Mark (D), hotly pursued by Fay and Steve and then Brian, after his restart which had cost him about 150 yards on the leading group. Mike got away cleanly 3 minutes later in his Liberty to start hunting down the 303s but unfortunately for him the wind had died and he took a long time getting up to and around the first Mark 🙁  Meanwhile Kim had been steering her 303 in good wind into a longer lead, on the beat leg to the second Mark (B) but Brian Mac had made up his earlier 150 yards deficit, overhauled Fay and Steve on the beat leg and rounded Mark B in second place. After following Fay round the second Mark (B), Steve managed to pass her on the run down to Mark K and completed the first lap in 3rd place. After Kim, who was gaining an ever increasing lead, the race order was quite fluid with regular changes between Brian, Fay and Steve – sometimes due to better sailing, other times due to helpful or hindering changes in the wind strength or direction and other times due to being (too?) close to one another (but nobody protested!). And whilst the 303s were battling it out, Mike’s Liberty had been gradually taking back his 3 minute handicap and eventually, on the beat between Marks D and B on the third lap, he sailed into second place and started to pursue Kim. The first and second places were from thence on settled, and the 303s changed order throughout the third and final forth lap right up to the last 30 yards of the Race! A great effort by all the helms and Fay’s crew!
Result: 1 Kim S; 2 Mike B; 3 Steve F; 4 Brian Mac; 5 Fay W.

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