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5 comments on “WS Racing – Spring Series 5 – 26th May

  • As race supervisor (or whatever I was on Thursday) I’d like to thank participants for their courtesy on going so slowly in order that I could get the hang of the score sheet and monitoring! My handlers did not advise they were looking for a 1000 word report but, for the record, not that I have any favorites of course, it was good to see the underdog have his day! Congrats Steve

  • I think that this is a conspiracy. I have no idea how I won so was hoping that the report would give me some clues. With my lack of memory I need all the help that I can get. However, I remembered the story about Ben Ainslie doing a 360 just incase during a race, so decided to pop one in as well. Thanks for the organization, again, and for Mike’s wise words of advice!

  • In the absence of a full race report from the race officer of the day, we have received this true and factual account of the race, from Bob Fisher.

    5 brave boats set out from the jetty in heavy conditions. In fact it was so heavy it took 45 minutes to get to the start. James and Fay were first off, but barely moved, soon giving up their one minute advantage. Steve got off well and his shiny white teeth could be seen at Tesco,s in the village. Kim decided to give everyone a chance by doing a number of 360’s. Bob and Peter decided that this was a winning tactic by Kim and joined in the dance. By now Farmer had built up a huge lead and had slowed to practise his victory speech(s). He was so busy taking applause that he careered (drifted) into a buoy and proceeded to do a Ben Ainslie 360. At this point the pack was coming up very fast (all ahead slow) and it looked inevitable that James and Fay would take the lead. Unfortunately a passing spectator boat seemed to be full of James fan club. Sportingly James slowed to give interviews and sign autographs. Kim and Bob who had been neck and neck all the way round were also well placed to cash in on the Farmer misery. However a small Duckling had become separated from its Mum and Kim and Bob stopped to reunite the young family. Peter in the 2.4 was flying (well at least moving). And could clearly see Farmers ego looming large ahead. Peter like all the other competition fell short. His downfall was stopping and laughing at everyone he overtook..

    Steve came home to a huge disbelieving crowd and stunned competitors. To his credit he barely mentioned it over lunch and on the journey home….NOT.
    To Sal, Tommy and the residents of Chislehurst, all of us at Wealden Sailability hope you have a quiet weekend

    Regards Bob.

  • Given the level of creative and inspiring writing of this, clearly accurate and detailed summary, I vote that we elect Bob as regular race reporter. Clearly, he has plenty of time to write his piece during the race itself with no thought to personal gain and aggrandisement – please vote YES if you agree!!

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