Racing today was enjoyed by 10 clients. Actually it was 11 if you include Pippa sailing with Mark Cayzer’s dad, but as neither is a Wealden client…sadly it doesn’t count!

Thanks to Allan and Eileen for helping with the marshalling and scoring.

What started as an encouraging morning turned into very difficult sailing conditions, with the wind shifting fully through 180 degrees and becoming very variable….down to no wind!

So the Race  Controller had to change the race course shortly before the race and then went round in the Race Control Boat and told all of the competitors of the change of course before the first Race Whistle was blown. It was necessary to do this because many of the competitors were already out on the water at 11:00 hrs and did not return to the pontoon before the start of the timing sequence at 11:25 hrs.  However, despite the  course change, everyone crossed the Start Line of the new course correctly and should have been fully aware of the changed course. Apologies to any Racer who were not clear with this, but in future if any of you are in doubt, please sail close to the Race Control Boat and check your understanding of the course.

Again as a result of the drop in the wind, it was necessary to shorten the race. This was requested by the Session Manager on the day because the Race was over-running lunch time. The Race Controller, in the race control boat, went around  the course notifying Racers that the course had been shortened and asked them to return to shore.  A number of competitors had already  been “whistled” across the Finish Line, thereby having finished after completing either one or two laps. But it was clear that some Racers were going to take a considerable time to reach the finish line and it was decided to tow them to shore.

EDITORS NOTE: Just to be clear, the way the race was finished this time is ACTUALLY how that type of race SHOULD be finished. The start time for each type of boat is set by calculating how much faster they are than the slower boat in front. So when the race time is up, you don’t wait for boats to cross a finish line, instead you mark them for the place/position they are in on the course  at that time. Any questions then please see Mike Coleman for an exlanation.

Having said all of that, most competitors did achieve two laps of the triangular course round  marks A, C and K with a clean start achieved by all but one boat.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and there was some great overtaking achieved in the fickle wind that provided some sailors with an, at times, almost unbelievable lift while those around them sat in the doldrums.

Congratulations to David Mason in the 2.4 who made light of the conditions and to Kim for a superb performance in the Access 303.

Result 1. David; 2. Kim; 3. Mark; 4. Bob; 5. Mike. 6; Ann; 7. Fay; 8. John; 9. Peter W; 10. Brian Mac.

2016 Spring Series Race 4


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