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2 comments on “WS Racing – Final Results of Spring Series 2016

  • Delectation and erudition? Now that’s a challenge?
    Having fallen asleep the week before waiting for a non existent Steve Farmer I was raring to go. Unfortunately Steve having squashed his way into my car, couldn’t find the seat release, so the day’s first argument commenced at zero plus 10 seconds.

    Having arrived in good time it was time for the ever friendly banter prior to kick off. Now Steve and I are always full of praise for sailability, but for the first time today we felt that things were amiss. The most experienced sailor amongst us racers is undoubtably Ann. For some reason, someone had found an old orange bathtub along and converted it in a boat. Now Ann is not silly and having assured the plug was still in persuaded a slightly nervous James to take it for a test drive. So equipped with various toiletries James bravely set out and even more surprisingly came back looking very clean, although his fan club hadn’t yet arrived

    As I have reported before, there is undoubtably Mafia type gambling activity taking place when boats are allocated. So a number of us stood on the dock vying for position. Farmer oblivious to the situation stepped forward and in my opinion was allocated a lemon (yellow sail 44). I carefully took my time and placed myself nicely for Kermit… A proven winner. But just as I was about to board, Fay appeared on the dock. I asked myself winner? Or gentleman? Winner or gentlemen? But before I had a chance to barge in front, the betting syndicate took over and Fay and crew were positioned aboard Kermit. One of the red boats was next and seemed like a fair bet. I was about to push any other clients overboard, when I realised that only Ann and her pit crew remained. I made a few remarks about the fine lines of the bathtub, but was firmly put in place by the female mafia.

    Just before each race begins a strange phenomenon always occurs. I have never seen her arrive or board, but from somewhere deep in the reeds Kim always appears just as the race is about to begin, once again prompting huge sums of money changing hands hmmmm?

    There seemed to be a level of confusion over the coarse and Chinese whispers between the boats only served to confuse matters. Farmer tried to send me down the other end of the lake, but I wasn’t falling for that Now was it Kcd or Bkd?

    As for the race itself, in my opinion it was one of the better ones. Lots of position changing jostling etc. The lack of the red torpedo greatly reduced the turbulence in the water and most people seemed to get off fairly well. The flotilla was fairly well packed as it approached the end of the first lap, just in time to see the faster boats dissappear into the distance. Everything was going reasonably well until the tack to D where a number of boats seemed to be struggling with angles etc. Kim who had trailed me for a few minutes had been offering helpful advice, but had now decided playtime was over and began to carve her way through the field. I was a little embarrassed to pass Ann in the bathtub, but managed to be gentlemanly and overt my eyes.

    Every time Peter Wagner overtakes me, he always give me a polite smile, or is it pity? So yesterday as we passed alongside each other I decided to give him a broadside of water. Having previously established Peter is a non swimmer, I ensured that I didn’t propel enough h20 to sink him.. I know disqualified again….. Sorry Peter couldn’t resist it.

    And now an admission, I thought I was last anyway, as I swung around D for the final time, I very gently brushed the buoy. Just at the right moment for Andy soaring past in the Martin to shout ” l saw that”. Drat and double drat.

    So congratulation to Kim for winning the race and proving the faster boats can be beaten. Also many congratulations to Peter for the series win in the red torpedo. It is undoubtably a very fast boat, but it needs a good skipper to sail that way every week.

    Post race, Steve, Mike Blatchford, Kim and myself enjoyed the sunshine and plotted how to stop those infernal so 2.4’s We concluded that a fast moving Martin coming from sideways on, could potentially create two 1.2,s. I guess this wouldn’t be considered sporting? Although would increase the number of boats.

    Kim has always been very helpful to us newbies and Steve and I bestowed her with the title friend. However after the race she told us about her racing secrets she didn’t share with friends. Some friend huh! We made a decision to ban her for a week, so no Kim next week..

    Peter good luck in your international campaign.

    pleased to report the capture of Mike Colemans beast, who apparantly was so well trained he had crossed the A21 all by himself and found his way home (Editors note are you referring to Mike or the dog?).

    Having spent an hour or so petting Gyp (or is it Jip). I thought I would give a quick stroke before I departed. However he decided he no longer liked me and proceeded to bark me off the premises.

    Once again many thanks to all you great guys who help us have so much fun and sincere apologies to Ann and her bath and any dogs
    I may have upset.

  • Another absolutely BRILLIANT report Bob. Thank you. It is fully delectable and no doubt there was much erudition emanating from Kim.

    I am sure that I speak for all the WS Volunteers and your fellow Competitors (emm…. possibly not Steve…or Ann….or Kim, so they can speak for themselves) in thanking you for sharing your thoughts and reportage with us and the whole internet readership via the WS Website!! And we wish you and the whole racing fleet an excellent Summer Series.

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