After 15 weeks of racing, which started on 20th April and during which period only one race was cancelled, on 1st June, the race last Thursday on 27th of July completed the Spring Series.

The Series engaged 26 WS Racers some of whom had raced in previous years but many were first timers – both to sailing as well as to racing! Some of the 26 entered just one or two races and in total across the series 152 entrants took part in 14 races. In the view of the trustees and volunteers, every single one of the 26 are winners and should be congratulated on having the desire to enjoy themselves in this challenging way.

However, to qualify for the Series and hence be included in the roll call of Results, an entrant had to race in at least five races. Some like Andy Wallace sailed in 10 races whilst others like Bill Garry managed to enter and complete five races. In total 13 WS Racers qualified for the Spring Series 2017 and the winner was calculated by counting up the aggregate score of their best five finishing positions.

The series winner  is Kim Sparkes with a score of 5, sailing single-handed in an Access 303 or a Liberty; the runner-up was Mike Blatchford with a score of 6, sailing single-handed in a Liberty or a Martin. Many congratulations to Kim and Mike and the other 11 Qualifiers. One special mention goes to Fay Watson who is congratulated especially for sailing in every race and coming seventh overall with a score of 17.

The Final result:

1. Kim Sparkes
2. Mike Blatchford
3. Peter Gregory
4. David Mason
5. Peter Wagner
6. Ann Frewer
7. Fay Watson
8. Mark Cayzer
9. Brian Mac
10. Andy Wallace
11. Steve Farmer
12. Bill Garry
13. Paul Hagan

The full details of these results can be found in the spreadsheet by clicking on the Series Overall Results tab, under the Racing tab on the WS website.

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