It was an unexpectedly sunny day today (Thursday 27th October). Perfect for everyone at Wealden Sailability to enjoy their lunch on the lawn outside the Chipstead  Sailing Club clubhouse and to celebrate warmly the achievements of all the sailors who had participated in the 27 WS Racing Spring and Summer Series races.

It was an opportunity for everyone associated with Wealden Sailability to recognise the achievements and successes of the 22 sailors who had competed in the 14 race-long Spring Series and the 27 sailors who had competed – up until the last race during the morning – in the 13 race-long Summer Series. Certificates were awarded to all those helms who had completed at least 5 races in each Series and thereby qualified! Unfortunately some WS Racers could not get to the lake today but their success was heartily applauded in their absence and their Certificates will be posted to them.

All the results are shown in the Results Summaries on this website and here are some photos of Trustees David McKee and Bob Marsh warmly congratulating each recipient as they handed them their well-deserved Certificates, whilst the other racers, their families, carers and supporters and volunteers applauded.

In response to the awards and to mark the closure of the season, Peter Gregory spoke on behalf of all the sailors and said “Thank you to all the Wealden Sailability volunteers, because without your commitment, effort and encouragement, we would not have been able to sail and have such fun from April to October!! ”

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  • Thanks to Steve Thomas for his e-mailed greetings at the close of the season. May I, and I am sure the other sailors will concur with this, offer my thanks to the volunteers, who to a man and woman have shown unfailing enthusiasm, considerateness, good humour and skill in getting us all on the water and enabling us to enjoy our racing or cruising. It has been a great season, at a great sailing club, with a great charity, and I for one cannot wait for the start of the next season in April. To all – disabled sailors, trustees, and volunteers – a Happy Christmas (or alternative festive season) and a truly great New Year.

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