As I mentioned in the Welcome to 2016 Season post to this website, we will continue this year offering WS Racers Training Sessions. We plan to start them  at 10.45 on alternate Thursdays to fit in with the revised Race Start time of 11.30. These are our initial ideas but PLEASE tell us when you see us or write YOUR comments and ideas below for subjects /skills which YOU would like to be covered.


General reminder of starting procedure that we will be using

The Portsmouth Yardstick (PY) system and what that means for the starting procedure

Position to aim for start (along the line and in clear air)


Port / Starboard

Windward / Leeward

Water at the Mark

Overtaking boat


Ensuring sail setting is correct

Picking the shortest route to the mark


Any questions that may have arisen from the session or anyone that wants a reminder from last season.

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